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Bar machine upgrades

This was a few months ago but late is better then never!

The bar machine got a set of upgrades recently. Biggest thing is the new skin. Tyler finished up the wood working and looks great. Doors are facing away from the front so it can be serviced without bothering much and less access from anyone messing around. Rolls around pretty good.

The touchscreen monitor has also been upgrade to a 21″ from the 15″. Was able to mount both the new monitor plus¬†had a pipe chromed and fits all 16 tubes with a little space. I had to modify the code to make it fit the new resolution since I had it coded for 1024×764. Its not perfect but should be able to handle resolution change better.

IMG_0888IMG_0887 IMG_0890

The last upgrades are everything finally was moved over to a Raspberry Pi and running great with the touchscreen. Then I found this cool marine power outlet that works perfectly for the box. Just plug in an extension cord and its good to go and looks clean unplugged.

IMG_0891 IMG_20130323_002134 IMG_20130323_002149 IMG_20130126_234953


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