Evil Operator 11/2007

Connects two unknowing friends into a phone conversation making them think they called each other. Send the calls and just relax until you receive the call recording.

Evil Operator has gone over few changes over the years. The original version was released for MonkeyDoo.com. Here is a snapshot of the direct page.

Since then it has been integrated as a prank into PrankDial and even has its own Android app. Currently it’s not in the Google Play Market some issues but you can still download directly from PrankDial Download Area.

In the newest version, any paid token user can listen to a live stream through your computer of the prank instead of waiting for the call to end.

Skilled Used in this Project:

  • Asterisk
    • Custom VoiceMailDetection app
    • Specialized Call Recording
    • RTMP Streaming
    • AGI and AMI
  • Flash Media Server (FMS)
  • PHP
  • MySQL

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